Micro-Utopias is an ongoing collaborative research project that seeks to bring disparate practitioners together to uncover the power of radical space and consider alternative systems for future cultural and educational spaces.  We aim to inspire collaborations between practitioners and create opportunities for unconventional forms of research to take place.

Definition: Micro-Utopias

“Pockets of space which reject dominant ideas about how people should act, feel and think in contemporary life, and through this subversion become radical spaces of potential and possibility”
Over the next twelve months, we will be using this page as a blog, publishing work which interrogates, explores and expands this notion of Micro-Utopias. Our hope is that this blog can become a valuable resource for community groups, local authorities, cultural practitioners, architects, urban planners and all else who have a part in creating cultural and educational spaces within the built environment.

We are now welcoming submissions. We would love to hear from you if you have anything to share on the subject.  

If you would like to submit something, or talk to us about an idea, then please contact us at